55-year reunion report

The 55-year reunion picnic held on Sept. 14, 2019 was a great success and if you couldn't make it we're sorry we missed you. Check out some photos from the picnic posted on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/532249217194539/





 For a larger version of this photo (including names), click HERE.

Added 8-2016 photos of Lincoln Elementary classes (thanks to Kathy Bingham Schaefer)


1-11-23 JoAnn Bliss: 10-21-2022 Louise Johnson: 7-4-22 Craig Adams: 4-04-22 Sherry Perkins: 5-12-22 Mike Gomez: 10-31-2021 Gary Mastronardi;  11-24-2021 Mike Lavelle (from 2-2021); 10-28-2021 Merrill Steed;  8-27-2021 John Brown; 7-20-2021 Jeanne Hatch; 5-29-2021 Linda Hislop; 5-17-2021 Helen Normington; 5-3-2021 Juanita Jones; 7-16-2020 Pat Dembitz; 6-25-2020 obituary for Kathy Saxton; 6-24-2020 obituary for Bob Stewart; 6-20-2020 George McIntyre (obit to be published when received); 6-20-2020 obituary for Eugene Mahnke; 1-2020 obituary for Carol Swift; 11-19 obituary for Brenda Peterson; 7-2019 obituary for Dennis W. Price; 5-2019 obituary for Ronnie Schwinn; 10-2018 obituary for Sonya Douglas (Harbertson); 9-2018 obituary for Ron DeGroot; 7-2018 obituary for Dennis Butler; 4-2018 obituary for Mary Strong; 10-2017 obituary for Robert Hardy; 3-2017 obituary for Perry Davis; 10-2016 obituary for Paul Joos; 6-2016 obituary for Norma Reed; 4-2016 obituary for Don Stoffers; 3-2016 obituary for Kay Donoviel; 2-2016 obituary for Mike Layne, Shanna Thiel; 7-2015 obituary for Jeff Marsh; 6-2015 obituary for Ronnie Wahlstrom; 6-2015 obituary for Don Haacke; 6-2015 added death of Danny Gallegos; 6-2015 added death of Helen Normington; 4-2015 obituary for Jimmy Mobley; 1-2015 obituary for JoAnn Rice; 8-2014 obituary for Barbara Brady: Added death of Perry Davis: Added 7-2014 death information for Rick Hassett:Added 6-2014 death information for Anna Pridgen: Added 5-2014 Obituary for Dale Wing (2012); 4-2014: Obituary for Steve Blaho, Mike Larson (2013); 3-2014: Obituary for Jon Wills; Added obituary for teacher Dean Thompson; Added 10-2013:  Obituary for Dee Spinden.   9-2013:  Added obituaries for Clair Melvin Peterson, Bill Kidman & Twist Jones & death information for Pam Weese

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