These are the classmates that we still have no contact for.  We know most are still around somewhere and would love to re-establish contact, so let us know if you have any clues to their whereabouts.  You can click here to send us a note.

  • Archibald, Steve
  • Arellano, Alice
  • Bleumel, Shannon
  • Bliss, JoAnn
  • Brown, Beverly
  • Bruce, Nancy
  • Cragun, Larry
  • Cutler, Geniel
  • DeHart, Robert
  • Deitz, Cindy
  • Duran, Sharon
  • Estes, Gay
  • Fall, Jeffrey  
  • Garcia, Lucy
  • Garner, Mary Ann
  • Goff, Eulalie  
  • Hardy, Sharon
  • Hawks, Danny
  • Hershberger, Ronald
  • Hill, Jennie
  • Hunter, Bill
  • Huntley, Sandy
  • Johnson, Louise
  • Jones, Juanita
  • Lane, Richard
  • Maw, Louise
  • Neal, Cheryl
  • Osborne, Diane
  • Owen, Sue
  • Pavon, Usbert
  • Reichley, Sylvia
  • Sargent, Richard
  • Steiner, Penny
  • Thompson, Barry
  • Veneman, Karla
  • Wages, Don  

We want all of our classmates to know about the reunion and other class activities. If they are not able to attend the activities, they may enjoy the photos of the 50th reunion on our web site.


The following names are for people who do not have an email address listed with us.
We do have street address for regular mail contact on file.
If you have an email address for any of these people,
please let us know.

Frew, LaRae
Harbertson, Ed
Hart, Karen
Hill Toland, Kathy
Holton Shupe, Judy
Jensen Dickamore, Ann
Lavelle, Mike
Morris, Lynn

Norris Jeffries, Kathy
Oenes, Pete
Payne Burton, Diana
Schaefer, Kathy...
Sneddon, Patsy ...
Warren Gleason, Sheila
Young Cowan, Sharon


If you have an address, an email and/or phone number for any of the classmates listed,
please email the information to
or Kathy Heiner Hansen:

or any other member of the planning committee

* (CM) = Classmate name listed on