Ben Lomond High School History

From the school's web page


Having opened our doors to students in 1953 (at a cost of $1,000.000), Ben Lomond is now celebrating its 55th anniversary in 2008. We are currently going through a major two-part renovation which began in 2006 and will finish in 2010, our 57th year.

The Scottish immigrants coming to the Ogden aera with the westward migration thought that the mountain to the north of the school resembled Ben Lomond, a mountain in Scotland on the northern shores of their beloved Loch Lomond. It is fitting then that the name of the school became "Ben Lomond," the mascot became "The Friendly Fighting Scots," and the school colors came from the Royal Stewart Tartan (or plaid): Red, White, and Blue. We continue this tradition with our bagpipers, Scottie Dog mascot, the Bonnie Lassies and Proud Scot.

In the 2008-2009 years, the school again returns to the 10th, 11th, and 12th grade system. One of the traditons we are bringing back to Ben Lomond are classman names: the Sophomores are known as "Brodies", the Juniors as "Brankins", and the Seniors as "Ruskins."