Her sister wrote more that she felt should have been included in her obituary.   

It’s pretty short and there was so much more they could have included! Nothing is said about her growing up in Ogden and graduating from Ben Lomond High School or getting her Bachelor’s degree in Business and Education from Weber State College.  She was going to be a teacher when she met and married LeRay.  She was so much more than a housewife!  She ran LeRay’s office as the secretary and accountant for 25 years and was doing that same job at the Lumber Company in Elko at the time of her death.  She touched hundreds of children’s lives as she led the music in Primary or served in the Presidency.  She was a beautiful seamstress and a talented homemaker.  She was the kindest and sweetest person you could ever have the privilege of knowing and she had an unshakeable and deep testimony of the gospel and her Savior Jesus Christ. 
She had 4 or maybe 5 grandchildren at the time of her death.  She now has 21 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.  I hope this is what you were looking for.  I sure wish that Mom could have helped them with better information!  Kris certainly deserved more than this inadequate obituary!”